13 March 2009


I'm toying with the idea of picking random movies on DVD and reviewing them when I haven't seen a new release (maybe not so random; they will be movies I enjoy). We'll see if I have the time and motivation to do that. I can report that next week I will have a review of "I Love You, Man," another funny movie with the great Paul Rudd. Until then, enjoy these links ...

- Baltimore Sun movie critic Mike Sragow points out the similarities between Watchmen and The Incredibles, and explains why The Incredibles is the vastly superior film. I have to agree.

- Results from a contest in which entrants changed one letter in a movie's title and created a poster for it.

- An amusing, movie-related brief from The Onion.

- The A.V. Club interviews British comedian Russell Brand. I haven't seen his new standup special on Comedy Central, but he stole the show as rock star Aldous Snow last year in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

That is all.

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Marlon Wallace said...

i agree with sragow about "the incredibles"