11 March 2009


I am going to try to post here more often, even if it is just a collection of links I find interesting. Speaking of ...

- The A.V. Club has an interview with Nathan Fillion, star of the new ABC series "Castle." You might remember him from such TV series as "Firefly" and such movies as "Serenity," "Slither" and "Waitress."

- Another good one from The A.V. Club: an interview with Wes Craven, focusing mostly on "The Last House on the Left," both the 1972 original and the remake, which hits theaters Friday.

- The legal battle between novelist Clive Cussler and Crusader Entertainment over the "Sahara" script could end up costing him $28 million. Ouch. The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

- Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter is practically begging fans to see the movie again this weekend.

- Steven Spielberg is quietly finishing up his work on "Tintin," his much-discussed collaboration with Peter Jackson.

- Alex Proyas, whose new film "Knowing" hits theaters March 20, is guest blogging at /Film and taking a look back at "Dark City."

- Nominations for the Saturn Awards, which recognize movies and TV shows in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and action/adventure/thriller genres, have been announced. "The Dark Knight" and "Lost" received the most nods.

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